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Privacy Policy

1. Overview

The site, respects the privacy of its users and visitors. The Privacy Policy is created to give to the information you deserve from an online service. ConciergeDoctor wants you to visit with the confidence that your information is safe, and the knowledge of how the information is used. The Privacy Policy only extends to The site site and not to other sites linked or listed on The site. Your use of the site is governed by the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. Please read and review each carefully. If you are registering with The site on the behalf of another person or entity, you are representing yourself as authorized by that person or entity to accept the Privacy Policy on thier behalf.


2. Personal Information Collected

You may have access to parts of the ConciergeDoctor site without registering, however to take full advantage of functionality you are required to register a user account. A valid email address name, address, and phone number are all that is required to open a user account and access the material on the site. You will also be required to choose a password.


The benefit to registering as a user will be that you will have access to the physician directory and use its search function. The search function allows you to search by region, physician name, or specialty. You will be able to save results of your searches and this information stays with your user account.

3. Internet Computer Information Collected

The site tracks and collects certain information when your visit our site. This information is commonly collected by most sites to analyze site usage. Information collected: IP addresses Domain Servers Computer type visiting the site Source that referred you to the site The interaction of your Browser Program and the site

Cookies ConciergeDoctor uses cookies on certain pages on the site. These cookies are stored on the hard drive of the computer and not on our site. There is no personal information in the cookies linked to the site. You are free to decline the cookies through your settings on your internet browser program. It is your responsibility to decline or remove the cookies from your computer, however removal or blockage of the cookies may interfere with complete use of all the site functions.

ConciergeDoctor has no control over cookies placed by third party sites or outside links on the site and is not responsible for their installation or operations.

Web Beacons A web beacon is a small graphic image file on a web page or email communication. These files send information back to the home server from the user’s browser program. ConciergeDoctor may use these from time to time to gather statistical information about the use of the site and the use of the emailed communications. The information collected is anonymous, and contains no personal information.

Website Analytics ConciergeDoctor may use third party website analytics services to gather information about website activity. These website analytic services do not collect personal information, unless you have chosen to enter it voluntarily into the site. ConciergeDoctor uses this type of service to constantly improve your experience on the site.

4. Public Information

ConciergeDoctor may provide the opportunity for the users to post content and interact. This information is public and will be stored on the user account. ConciergeDoctor advises you to please act responsibly when posting in these forums. All postings must conform to the Terms of Use guidelines please refer to the agreement before posting. Your postings are public may be seen and collected by third parties and used in ways that are beyond our control.

4. Use of your information

ConciergeDoctor only has your name, email, address, phone, password, and search information stored. We may use your contact information to share site information with you or any other information that you opt into. ConciergeDoctor uses your stored information internally to understand trends within its members to create a better experience, improve our marketing and content, and analyse site usage. Your information is used by the search function of the site to show you result that match your queries. The personal information and site usage may be used to create anonymous statistical models. ConciergeDoctor will not provide your information to any third parties without your consent, except to those covered in “Sharing your information” below.

5. Sharing your information

Your personal information is kept private by ConciergeDoctor.

ConciergeDoctor does not share your information to anyone outside ConciergeDoctor, and its subcontractors, and physicians listed on the site. Subcontractors are required to keep any and all information they view during services performed confidential. Anonymous statistical data may be created from the user personal information and activity to be shared publicly for marketing and business development purposes. Physicians will have access to anonymous statistical information created from the personal information and activity, personal information will only be available to them upon your request.

ConciegeDoctor may share your personal information in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you of the transfer and if there are any changes to the Privacy Policy.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

ConciergeDoctor keeps your personal information private EXCEPT if we believe in good faith that the disclosure of the personal information is necessary to comply with a court order or legal process, to protect the safety or property of ConciergeDoctor or another third party, to enforce the Terms of Use, or to respond to claims that any posting or content violates the rights of another third party. Additionally personal information may be disclosed upon your request to a physician.

7. Discussions with Physicians

Physicians are acutely aware of their obligations to patient confidentiality. When communicating with a physician from ConciergeDoctor the ConciergeDoctor Privacy Policy does not apply, you are covered under their professional and legal requirements. Please make sure that you have been informed of their privacy policy before transferring any personal medical information.

8. Security of your personal information

ConciergeDoctor takes the security of your personal information as a high priority. ConciergeDoctor follows current industry standards to secure your information. All good faith measures are taken to protect your information and keep it private. If in the chance that we feel that your personal information has been disclosed in a manner outside this Privacy Agreement, ConciergeDoctor will take all reasonable measures to alert you and inform you to the extent of the compromise of which were are aware of, and comply with the appropriate legal requirements.

9.Stolen information

If in the event your password is compromised, contact information lost, or your account has been used by another party, we will assist you in removing the account and creating another for you.

10.Changes to the Privacy Policy

ConciergeDoctor reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the site and you are advised to check it frequently. When a change occurs you will be notified through your contact email and there will be notices posted on the site.

11. Links to other websites

ConciergeDoctor content contains links to other websites which are of no connection to ConciergeDoctor. These websites have Privacy Policies of their own and ConciergeDoctor’s Privacy Policy does not apply. Please be vigilant when visiting other sites and entering your information, check their Privacy Policy first.

12. Contact

Please fee free to contact The site with any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or assistance with managing your personal information. info@The site

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